Jazz concerts in Paris

For a warm and lively atmosphere complete with upbeat rhythms, a bar equipped with a host of mixology masters, and a venue that pulses with enthusiasm, make a trip to Baiser Salé or Sunset Sunside this year! Both venues are situated in Paris' bustling heart, the 1st arrondissement, so that you can conclude a busy day of sightseeing with a cool dose of smooth jazz.


Jazz Concerts at Baiser Salé

(Concerts all year round!)

Get your groove on at Baiser Salé, a jazz club founded by three Caribbean brothers. Since its conception in the 1980s, Baiser Salé has welcomed hundreds of thousands of music-lovers from across the globe and continues to put on a variety of spectacular regular shows. A selection of returning guests grace this notorious venue every week with a variety of musical ensembles and styles, from jitterbug classics to fusion jazz, featuring consistently innovative vocal and instrumental arrangements.


Jazz Concerts at Sunset Sunside

(Concerts all year round!)

Alternatively, just across the road, you can find the charming duality of Sunset Sunside – a hidden gem of musical diversity, featuring two diverse floors. At the ground level, step into the world of ‘Sunside’, which devotes itself to live performances of acoustic jazz. However, just beneath Sunside’s floorboards lies ‘Sunset’: a cozy cave dedicated to electric jazz, electro-jazz, and world music. Both of these immersive realms can house 100 people each, solidifying Sunset Sunside’s status as one of the most animated musical venues in all the city.

With concerts scheduled throughout this year, don’t pass up the opportunity to enjoy some of the world’s greatest jazz tunes in an appreciative and enthusiastic environment.

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  • Du Samedi 01 Janvier 2022 - 21h30
    au Mardi 01 Janvier 2030 - 22h30


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Sunset Sunside
60 rue des Lombards
Latitude: 48.8599
Longitude: 2.34775

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